Monday, August 15, 2011

Boy's Collared Shirt from Scratch

I wanted to really challenge myself this week and try something completely new. So I decided to try and make a collared shirt for my son. I didn't want to use a patter (part of the challenge) so I took one of his old shirts and cut it up into pieces at the seams. Then I used the pieces as my pattern. The shirt is too small for him so I had to make some adjustments. I didn't add anything to the width because it is a really boxy shirt to begin with but I added some length. I used a seersucker fabric which I think is classic and a bit dressier for church in the summertime.

Next I began to assemble the shirt. First I sewed the front flap where the buttons will go. Then I sewed the front pieces to the back piece, right sides together at the shoulders.

Next I added a cuff to the sleeves and sewed them into the shoulder. It looked like this:
Next I added the collar. I wanted a white collar to add some style. I have to tell you this was the toughest part for me. It took me three times to get it to the right size and figure out how to sew it on. Remember I was going off a shirt he already had which has a little tab and button right below the collar. I think this made attaching the collar a little more tricky. Finally I got it right (or good enough). Then I sewed up the sides started at the bottom and all the way up through the sleeve. This is my favorite way of attaching sleeves. It isn't perfect or fundamentally correct but it is much easier.

Finally I hemmed the bottom, added a pocket to the front, and finished the buttons down the front.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It isn't perfect and I would make a lot of adjustments but I had fun with the challenge. This was definitely the most difficult item I have ever sewn with all things considering. Word to the wise though...not worth the work. These shirts are so cheap it is just better to buy one.

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Jani said...

Very creative of you!

Elle and Lou said...

He will love it- it looks very smart! Lynda

Katie said...

This is pretty darn amazing! Thank you for linking up to Sew Woodsy last week. We hope you will join us again!

Courtney said...

I am working on a similar project for a collared shirt. If I could take your advice and buy a collared shirt I totally would! But I have a long torso and arms and nothing at a store fits me right. I am currently taking apart a collared shirt that I plan to use as my pattern and I need to add width to it. I was wondering if you could tell me how I should go about doing this. Any advice large or small would be extremely helpful to me!