Saturday, July 9, 2011

5 Minute Tinkerbell Dress

I feel like I made more clothes last week than I've made in a few months!  I've been very inspired by all the creations Jessica has recently shared.  Hopefully I'll be sewing clothes more often.

I made my daughter one more dress for our week at Disneyland. 
My mom recently sent me Tinkerbell fabric that was already hemmed and just waiting for a quick seam and straps.
I measured my daughter by wrapping the fabric around her chest.  This was certainly not the best way to determine how much fabric I needed to make her dress but I was making this quickly.  Luckily the measurement method worked and the dress ended up fitting her perfectly.  I trimmed the fabric edges and pinned them together for the seam (right sides together).
I stitched the fabric together and it already looked like a completed dress!
I used a dress from my daughter's closet to estimate the strap size.  Again not the best way to get measurements but it worked out in the end.  I pinned the ribbon straps and quickly stitched them in place.
My daughter wanted no part of trying on this dress until I offered her some cotton candy.  She will do anything I ask of her at home for cotton candy!  The dress fit her perfectly.

Hopefully she'll be wearing this when she meets Tinkerbell.

If I'm not too busy on vacation I will be linking this post here.

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Zuzka said...

Very cute :-)
I like everything on your blog, good job, girls!