Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ticket Journal

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a box of ticket stubs.  My husband had kept every single sporting event ticket stub he ever attended.  He is a major sports fan so his box was full of ticket stubs.  Full.  I wanted to make something for him to save all his ticket stubs in one place.  I came up a very simple idea that he absolutely loved.  His ticket journal was so much fun to make and I smile each time I see my husband add another ticket to his book.   
I started with a basic journal I picked up from Michael's.  You could easily make your own with a three ring notebook and card stock instead if you don't want to purchase something.  I embellished each page of the journal with sports related paper and stickers.  I made sure each page had a variety of sports so each page would be versatile.  I didn't want any one page to appear designated for a particular type of sporting event.
Once I had the entire book filled with fun pages, I started adding each ticket with sticky photo corners.  The tickets remained undamaged and removable.
I had fun looking at all the old tickets knowing they were from some of my husband's favorite memories.

I used clear sheet protectors for each page because I didn't want any tickets to end up damaged or lost. 
We currently have a small box holding the ticket stubs to events my daughter has attended with us.  I'm looking forward to adding her first ticket journal to my handmade Christmas gift list!

My husband's book was designed specifically for sports related events but there are so many options to make the book appropriate for other ticket stubs.  A theatre or music related book would make a fun gift!

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Christine @ sugarandtrash.com said...

Wow. That was really, really nice of you to do this. I wouldn't have had the patience, lol! It looks great.

Tina said...

What a great way to re live those memories!