Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thomas Puzzle Bag

Right now MADE is doing another one of their great BOY series and after perusing their ideas I came up with a few of my own. Sometimes I feel bad because my son doesn't get as much sewing attention as my daughter. What can I say? Sewing little dresses and tops are so much more fun than shorts and pants. However this week I did make a few things for my son. The first is a bag for his puzzles. He has 3 Thomas the Train puzzles that don't have any cases or boxes. Before I had them in plastic bags. But then I had a great idea to make him a bag that he could carry the puzzles around in. It is Thomas material (of course) that he picked out himself with red grosgrain ribbon handles and a zipper in the top to keep the puzzles in. I also added his name to the front, just so he can learn what his name looks like and be proud that the bag is his.

Needless to say HE LOVES IT. He was so excited that I made him something and has been carrying it around the house all week. It was difficult to make it BOY and not just a purse but I think it looks pretty manly for a bag.

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