Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick and Easy Knotted Scarf Headband

I started my morning with a bad hair day and came up with an incredibly easy way to make a cute headband by simply knotting a scarf.
If I don't want to wear hair accessories I usually end up wearing my hair down.  This is a very safe style for me but also a little boring. 
I remembered that I had a bright polka dot scarf that I used as a headband in the past.  Perfect to add some fun to my boring hair.
I remember thinking I looked absolutely adorable the last time I wore this scarf as a headband.  I didn't look as cute wearing it today. 
I tried adding a few knots to the scarf for a different look and then I realized the knots created a flower like shape.  I took it all apart and made it again so I could take pictures to share.  I'm sure my knots were slightly different the first time but both attempts turned out looking like a flower.  You might have to play with your knots a little to get them right. 

The picture below shows my ten steps to a knotted scarf headband.  EASY!   

clockwise from upper left

I have so many scarfs that I plan to use for quick summer headbands!

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AmyH said...

Awesome idea! I'm featuring you on friday at

Alicia said...

I actually have a bunch of these scarfs I was about to get rid of because my hair is shorter now and they just don't look the same... I'll have to try this... if I can figure out those pictures..HAHA

Stephanie R. said...

Super super cute! Im going to have to give this one a try!