Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flip Flop Fun Series - Velcro Felt Embellishments

I was having an internal struggle with my feelings on embellishing my new turquoise flip flops.  I've told you before about my love for turquoise colored clothes and accessories.   Don't get me wrong, I'm having so much fun turning all my plain flip flops into super awesome and fun summer shoes but I felt nervous about making any changes to my simple turquoise pair.  I came up with an easy and quick solution - removable velcro embellishments.  Now I have three different looks for my turquoise flip flops - plain, ruffled, and with colorful rosettes.
-flip flops
-felt scraps
-hot glue gun

I started by cutting my felt pieces to cover the tops of the flip flops.  This was tricky and I'm sure if you're good with measuring and math (my college degree is justice studies, not math!), you could find a much easier way to figure out the dimensions.  I simply held up the felt to the shoe and started cutting until it seemed like a good fit.  I used my cut piece as a pattern and cut three more pieces to match. 

I used hot glue to attach velcro to the felt pieces.  The felt will velcro around the straps so be sure to leave a wide enough piece between your velcro to allow the strap to fit.  Don't worry about how pretty this looks (mind don't) because no one will see this part once it is attached to the flip flop.  

Let your glue dry and then velcro the felt piece to your shoe. 

At this point in the project you can do anything to embellish the felt pieces (rhinestones, ribbon, lace, flowers, etc., etc., etc.!).

I wanted a pair with white ruffles so I cut one piece of felt into six 1" inch strips.
I turned the strips into ruffles using the same method from yesterday's flip flop tutorial.  Then I folded the end of the ruffle and glued it down with my hot glue gun.
I glued the ruffle directly onto the top of my felt piece.
Two more ruffles and my shoe was done! 
Repeat on the other shoe and you have a fun new pair of flip flops!
I didn't take pictures while embellishing my second set of removable felt pieces.  They were incredibly easy!  I just rolled felt to make flowers and glued them directly to the top of the felt.

This entire project was done with supplies I already had at home aside from the flip flops and took about an hour to complete.

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Anonymous said...

I love these! Sooo cute!

La-Dee-da crafter said...

These are all so cute!!! I will have to try this. so summery. I love it!!!
I will stay tuned to see more!
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