Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vintage Revivals Epic Makeover Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm supposed to be starting our drive to The Happiest Place on Earth - DISNEYLAND!  But instead I needed to take a few minutes to post this!  Why did I wait until the last possible second to do this???  A sick toddler, house stuff, procrastination, etc., etc., etc.!!  That's not the point, lets get down to the important stuff.  Did you hear about Vintage Revivals Epic Makeover Contest??


Let me tell you why I need to win!!


We have an ultra cute two year old with a lot of toys that consumed our entire house.  Keep in mind we had 2,000 square feet of space for her and all the fun to occupy.  It was ridiculous.  So we decided to try and get a bigger house.  Best decision ever!  We built a new bigger house and were able to find super wonderful girls to rent our previous home.  I wonder if this little gem knows she is the most spoiled kid ever?? 
In our quick decision to move we had to get our other house ready for renters.  Sadly we spent all the money I would have loved to be spending on new furniture.  Everything in our new home came directly from our last home.  We had some good stuff it just doesn't fit so well in our new space.  I have some great design ideas but I'm sure my husband wouldn't understand why I need to refinish our perfectly okay wood furniture with apple green paint or why I would love to stencil with fuschia!  THIS IS WHY I NEED MANDI TO COME VISIT ME!!

Our living room needs some help!  Here's the view from the kitchen.  Big space with tons of potential!

Here's the view from the front hallway to the door.
And finally, here's the view from the living room.
Mandi needs to get here ASAP and tell my husband refinishing his bar is an excellent idea!
And while she's here, we can get to work on this bench too!

Maybe we'll pull an all nighter and add this wine bar to our list!
The couch, the rug, this table....HELP!

and seriously how much fun would it be to refinish this piano??

I bet you didn't know my husband and daughter were waiting in the car thinking I just ran in to grab my purse while I posted this!  

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