Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reversible Ruffle Necklace

I recently realized I wear a lot of turquoise colored clothes.  It might be just a little peek from a tank underneath a top or it might even be turquoise pants (yes, I have a pair!) but regardless of the item, you will see turquoise.  I woke up last week feeling like I needed some cute necklaces to match that little pop of color in my wardrobe.  Before you read this entire post, you need to first know that jewelry is not something I normally make for myself.  I don't have the right tools and my hardware selection is limited with out a craft supply store run.  With that in mind, I did my best with the tools and supplies I had on hand to create a pretty little reversible turquoise colored necklace. 

I love the look with the pearls!  But I also love that I have the option of wearing something simple too!  Just flip your necklace over and you have a pretty ruffly side with out the pearls! 
I started with a scrap of turquoise fabric.   
I cut a long strip from the fabric (mine was 29" x 2") and didn't bother hemming the sides. 
Next I picked some pearls and started stitching them in between several gathers in the fabric. 
I continued stitching the gathers and pearls until the entire strip was complete.
I knotted off my thread and then used a hole punch to make a small hole in the edge of each side of the strip of fabric (my hole was punched through two layers of fabric).
I attached a jump ring to the fabric and then attached a chain with a clasp.
Then I went grocery shopping with my new pretty necklace! 

Today is exciting for two reasons - 1) I'm wearing this new necklace, and 2) we are on a family vacation and I get to see Bev from Flamingo Toes!!  I met her at Creative Estates (she's mentioned in my post here) and lives in our first vacation stop.  We're having dinner together tonight!!  I'll be sure to post a picture when we get home!

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Unknown said...

What a lovely idea! Its so in style now too! =) I'm a new follower--would love a follow back!