Monday, April 4, 2011

Tom BOY Capri

My daughter is such a tom boy. She loves to wrestle, is afraid of nothing, and gets right in the mix with all her brother's friends. Yet she loves to look pretty. She chooses dresses over any other clothing and loves pink. She is TOTALLY like her mom (if I don't say so myself). So when a pair of shorts I was making for Jackson went totally wrong I decided to use that opportunity to make them into something for Elizabeth.

The shorts were too skinny, too long, and just too small all around. This was the first pair I cut from the Made pattern (the checkered shorts I made for my son last week). They are this cute camouflage print. Not very lady like. So in order to make them girl shorts I kept the length and made them into capris. Then I added a ruffle down each side and a ribbon tie faux belt in the front. I have to say they are adorable and so comfy. I am glad she has something feminine to wear that isn't a dress everyday because the girl gets down and dirty.

I really like the pink with it, I think it really pops against the green and brown.