Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last Minute Gift - Printed Concert Ticket

I mentioned previously that my mom and husband have their birthdays on the same day. I was incredibly busy in the early weeks of April and failed to purchase both their gifts prior to their birthdays. Oops. Last year I started making a list of fun things I could make for my mom's birthday this year. I didn't make any of them. Not one single thing. But I did make up for it tonight when she finally opened her gift. I knew I would be seeing her for dinner tonight so a few days ago I purchased concert tickets for both of us later this year. The tickets weren't printed and mailed to me before I saw her tonight so I had to get creative. I definitely wanted her to have a physical present to open instead of me just telling her about our concert tickets. I made a cute ticket at Scrapblog - LOVE this site! Here's a screen shot of my finished ticket (with the date/time blacked out for obvious reasons):

I printed my ticket and made a pretty envelope for my mom's gift bag.

I added a Taylor Swift CD and my gift was complete. My mom loved it! She also loved the Vintage Rose Wrap I picked out for her while I was at Creative Estates.

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