Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun Find Friday - Photography Letter Art

Today's Fun Find Friday came from my own home!

Can you believe I didn't have this incredibly awesome photography wall art hanging on my wall before today?

We are really big Disney fans and visit Disneyland every chance we get. I grew up in Arizona and loved summer vacations to Disneyland with my family. My husband grew up mostly in Florida and spent a lot of time in Disney World. Together we have really enjoyed making Disneyland a part of our family memories. Our two year old daughter is one lucky little girl...she has already been to Disneyland 15 times! We have friends that also spend a lot of time in Disneyland. We've lived in separate states for almost two years so we planned to meet them for a Disneyland vacation last January. Their oldest son is just a little older than my daughter. He brought her a present to celebrate our time spent together because we rarely see them (kudos to his mommy for putting this AWESOME gift together). The little boy's grandfather took pictures of letters in Disneyland and saved them to make gifts. Lucky us...we were given framed art with my daughter's name. The back of the frame has the Disneyland location of each letter. It took me forever to get it hung because I was looking for the perfect place to hang it in our home. We just moved into this house last November and I had a lot of things waiting for a perfect place on the wall. Sadly this art was added to the "find a place to hang these things" pile in the guest bedroom closet. I finally hung most of our Disney stuff in our hall. The corner is directly outside my's the perfect place for things that make me smile!

We have a lot of great Disney related art but today I decided this area is reserved for special gifts and fun stuff we've taken home from our many Disneyland visits.

My mother-in-law used her glass kiln to make a cute Mickey and Minnie picture. She gave it to us for Christmas quite a few years ago.

My grandmother's neighbor carves wood sculptures. She asked him to make us something Disney related for a recent anniversary gift. Cute and very thoughtful. The silhouette to the right is my husband and I...we had it made during one of our very first Disneyland trips together.

My in laws gave me Disney stock for my college graduation gift. For obvious reasons I blacked out my name and address.

Lastly, I hung a picture of my husband and I on Space Mountain. Do you know how many times you have to ride Space Mountain to get the perfect kiss picture? A lot!!!

Just for fun I'd thought I share a picture of a 2009 Christmas gift I gave my husband. I framed all our caricatures together - his from 1978, mine from 1984, and our daughter's from 2009. I love that our parents were able to find these!! Sorry for the bad picture...this was taken when I gave it to my husband. It is now in his office.

I really did plan on making something fun today but grocery shopping, organizing, hanging pictures, and cleaning is where I spent my day instead. Earlier this week I saw a GREAT idea at Lolly Jane Boutique. She made an interchangeable felt necklace. I had big plans to have this made before today's post.

To see the complete tutorial, go here. I never make anything for myself because I have a very difficult time picking one thing to make. I don't want to spend the time to limit myself to a necklace that will only match one color scheme. This interchangeable necklace is the perfect solution! I really really hope I set aside to make myself one of these before Creative Estates next week! Is that really less than one week away?? I still need to find myself some super duper awesome outfits, make business cards, color my hair, and give myself a really big pep talk to bolster up my confidence to be able to stand next to incredibly talented woman I follow everyday! Oh wait, did I just share my personal "to do" list with you? Oops. Seriously though, I'm really really excited about Creative Estates!

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