Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Love Tin

Recently my husband and I read a book about love languages together. We learned a little about each other and had fun discussing the book. I learned my husband's dominant love language is quality time. Unfortunately I don't always put that first. I spend my days with our two year old and then clean and craft when she goes to bed. After reading the book I promised my husband at least two evenings per week for us to spend quality time. With quality time in mind, I made him a "love tin" for his Valentine's Day gift. In addition to being a big fan of quality time, he also has a real interest in classic films. I never sit and watch an old movie with him...I either fall asleep or lose interest and get up to do something else. For part of his gift, I committed to watching the entire Gone With the Wind movie!

We need some popcorn for a long movie!

Milk Duds are also necessary!

My husband loves Jones cream soda!

I put everything together in a tin and added a little note telling him this date was redeemable any night next week...this week is super busy for me and I wanted to set the right expectations. :) I purchased the tin from Michael's for $4.99. I really wanted a metal paint can but waited until the last minute and ended up with the clear tin instead. Worked out perfectly! I used Valentine's Day window clings to decorate the tin. Inexpensive and quick!

My husband loved it! This was a Valentine's Day gift but a "Love Tin" can be made for any holiday...or even as a "just because" gift.

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Tina said...

I love it! What a great idea. I love your play on words with the gift items, too.