Thursday, February 3, 2011

FUN FIND FRIDAY - stained t-shirt to cute shrug

Last summer I saw a post on one of my favorite craft blogs, Make It and Love It, about repurposing a stained t-shirt into a cute shrug. To see the original post, go here. Her little shrug turned out adorable!

I knew I would make one someday but that post was buried in my "craft to do" folder until I cleaned out my daughter's closet this week. I loved my daughter's hooded Old Navy top until it was covered in stains. I'm so glad I didn't throw this was perfect for this project!

I didn't have enough fabric from the shirt leftover after I cut away the stains to make a big ruffle like the original but I think ours still turned out cute. Thanks for the inspiration Make It and Love It! I took my final picture with the shrug hanging over a tank because it just looked silly up there by itself!

My daughter was happy with her "new" shirt too! She had fun modeling it for me!



Angie said...

What a great idea! It turned out super cute!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you will come back soon! I am a new follower ;)

Susie B said...

Thanks for this great post! This one I will have to remember for sure! Its really cute! Good Job!

Jessica Stoker said...


Princess Muhmah said...

Super cute idea!