Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Felt Heart Table Runner

Yesterday I was in Target and saw a really cute Valentine's heart table runner. I almost bought it, almost. Instead I went home and made my own. I mentioned before that I have a love for my glue gun. Anything that can be glued instead of sewn gets glued. This was the quickest easiest project ever! I simply cut out felt hearts and glued them together. I started with the big hearts for the base and then added little hearts as I went along. I'm happy I didn't buy Target's version!

Here is the before of my very boring kid friendly dinner table.

Look what some felt and a glue gun will do!

My table is still certainly kid friendly and I won't be upset if the runner gets messy because 1) Valentine's is only one week away and decor will be coming down soon anyway, 2) I used supplies I had and spent $0 to make it, and 3) I was done with this entire project in half an hour!
*I only used six sheets of felt for my runner. A few more sheets of felt would have made this perfect for a mantel (which by the way, I unfortunately don't have).

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