Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love print - foam stamps and fabric paint

Doesn't this look pretty on my piano?

I was absolutely ecstatic to see these large alphabet stamps on clearance today at Joannes.

I knew just what a wanted to make with them when I came home - a pretty embellished LOVE print for Valentines Day! I had a 5" x 7" frame with a broken glass just waiting for the perfect project.

I took out the broken glass and then used the backing to measure a scrap of fabric. I cut out the fabric with about a one inch allowance to overlap the back of the frame.

I ironed the wrinkles out of my fabric and placed a sheet of paper behind it on my craft table. Then I painted the "l" stamp with fabric paint (Tulip Soft).

I stamped the l on the fabric and continued with the rest of my letters.

Then I dug out some cute embellishments (stickers and tulle). I tied the tulle in a knot and glued it on the corner of the print. You can use anything to add some fun to your framed print.

I plan on changing the print in the frame each month for an easy cute holiday decoration.

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Susie B said...

very creative! Jealous of those stamps too!