Friday, January 14, 2011


In honor of FUN FIND FRIDAY I decided to find some more tutorials on flower making. I am just learning this myself so I have been trying to find a lot of different types of flowers and how to create them. The best part about these flowers in there is no sewing machine neccessary so anyone can make them with a little fabric, a needle, and some thread. Here are a few that I found:

Flowers are great for so many items:
hair accessories
sprucing up an old sweater
picture frames
additions to any handmade item like skirts or dresses

I have played around with flowers a lot. Here are some of the items I added flowers to:

This was a dress that I made for my sister-in-laws wedding. I loved it so much so I decided to lose the sash (a little too bridesmaid for me) and add some cute muslin flowers to the neckline. I love it and always get compliments when I wear it.
The best part is you can't mess them up. Just play around and see what you can create.

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