Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cold weather puppet theatre

We live in Arizona where it is warm 98% of the time.  It has been exceptionally cold this week.  We normally walk to the park and play outside a lot but we've had to stay busy inside because of the cold weather.  Today I made a little puppet theatre out of a cardboard box and some felt.  I'm sure you have plenty of boxes from holiday gifts that have not yet made it to recycling.  Go find one and make a puppet theatre for those cold rainy days! 

I found a narrow box and cut off the bottom and a window in the front.  Then I cut out felt grass, trees, sun, and clouds.  I attached them to the box with my hot glue gun.  I found a few other things in my craft room (dragonfly stickers, ladybug embellishment, felt bunnies and birds, and paper flowers).  They are also glued on with the glue gun.

I simply tacked it to the wall in my daughter's play room.  Then we had a puppet show.

She loved it!

This was a very quick project and I didn't purchase anything to make it!