Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pinterest August #1

My internet has been out this week. I hate when that happens. It is amazing how much I depend on the internet. Without it I feel like I am detached from the world. Sad but true. But it is back and running therefore I spent my evening surfing the internet, gazing through Pinterest, and checking out my favorite blogs. There is so much happening in the blogesphere these days I am flooded with inspiration. If only I had more time. Here are some projects that caught my eye.

Chocolate Zucchini Bread-kids beware. Tasty and healthful.
 The title speaks for itself. Haven't tried it but if it works I am sold.
 Clay pot lighthouse. I need to make one of these for Christian's nautical room.
 Concrete steps that look like vintage pillows. These are just fantastic and amazing for a secret garden.
 Recycled Can Chimes- I think this would be a fantastic kids craft and a great learning activity focusing on sizes and comparisons.
Happy Pinning Everyone!


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