Monday, July 1, 2013

C is for Christian

Now that my in-laws are off in New Hampshire we finally have the house all of ourselves. I have been moving furniture, clothing, and children around for the last week trying to get everything in order the way I like it. Let me tell you, living in someone else's house is not as easy as it sounds. Not only do we have all our own furniture to fit but we also have all of their furniture and decorations. It has been difficult for me to put my personality into a home that is already fully furnished and beautifully decorated (but not exactly my style). We are going to be living here for the next 3 years and I would like it to feel like my house, not just a place I live.

Anyways, one of my first projects is creating a room for baby Christian.

I was snapping some pictures of him the other day and found inspiration in his red and white striped romper. A nautical theme is perfect for a growing boy.

In search of some decor I found this great tin case at Hobby Lobby for just $15. I think it was on sale because there is some wear and tear to the outside but I personally like that vintage look. I thought it would be fun to jazz it up by adding a large C to the outside.
I bought a cardboard C for $1.99 and some stripped trim. Then I used burlap twine to cover the letter. It took two coats to completely cover all the open areas. After the burlap I wrapped the stripped twine creating a zig zag pattern. I finished the C by using hot glue to secure it to the front of the case.
I love it. It is fun and different. I am working on many more projects to add to the room but this was a great start.

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