Friday, June 28, 2013

Pinterest Summer 2013-Week 1

This weeks pins are totally crafty. I haven't been on Pinterest a lot lately. NO TIME! TOO MANY PINS! TRY NOT TO GET OVERWHELMED! These are some of the themes that run through my mind when I look at Pinterest. Anyone else have the same thoughts?

But like most of you I am sure, I just can't seem to stay away. So with my limited glances here are my favorites to kick off the summer.

Animal Ladder Back Dress

 I always love a simple dress with a twist. Plus the tangerine print is amazing.

Toilet Paper Roll Cars
GENIUS. Perfect for boys in summer. Especially since I go through toilet paper twice as fast now that I have two kids potty trained. Why is that? HUM

Crochet Edging for flannel blankets
Beautiful. And this tutorial seams like something I could handle with my limited crochet experience.

Messenger Bag the opens to a car play mat

Can we say church inspired? This will be a great gift for Christian for his 1st b-day to play with during those 3 long hours of church before he gets to enter the nursery. Only 9 more months, but who's counting?

Bold Patchwork Skirt

This skirt is just too beautiful and fun not to pin. Definitely goes into the "I Can Make That" series.

That is 5 more projects added to my ever growing list.

Happy Pinning Everyone

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