Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sunglasses Skirt

It's kids clothes week Spring Challenge this week and I am really behind.

I planned on making a new piece of clothing every day. It is already day 3 and only one piece has been made. I think I will be lucky to get anything made this week. For some reason baby Christian has gone from low maintance loveable baby boy to "I have to be held all day or I am going to throw a tantrum." Still hoping this is just a phase. I really thought sitting up would open his eyes to a whole new world but it seems to just make him frustrated that he can't be running around like the other kiddos.

Anyways, that has really cut into my sewing time. Plus I am getting ready to go on a Caribbean cruise next week and having to make some fun cruise clothing and alterations. I am sewing, just not kids clothes.

I did however find some time to make a fun spring skirt for Liz. It is a basic gathered skirt (tutorial here) but I added 2 inch elastic to give it a more high waisted effect. I also added a weaved ribbon through the bottom. This is simple, all you have to do is create button holes about 1/2" apart and then another pair of holes about 6" apart all around the skirt. It is a fun addition to a basic skirt.





 I threw in a few pictures that are just for fun.

I love the colors: mint, pink, grey, and light blue. It reminds me a little of Easter eggs.  There are sunglasses all over the skirt which is a great summer print. Are you working on anything for KCW? Hopefully I will get something else finished by the time the week is through.

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