Monday, March 4, 2013

Emmaline Dress Review

I was looking through my dress patterns the other day trying to find a fun spring dress to make for my daughter, when she decided to come in and search with me. There are so many patterns that I have purchased with the intent of making but never get around to it. So while searching through the online patterns I came across the Emmaline Dress from Violette Field Threads and Elizabeth instantly wanted me to make her one. She loved the fact that it is long. Very different from anything I have made her before.

So I decided to make a girl day of it and gave her total creative license. We went to the fabric store and she picked the fabric, she picked the pattern, and she even helped me with the sewing a bit. She is only 3 so I know actually sewing with her is at least 5 years off but it was fun to have her play with her little ironing board and talk while I made the dress.

It turned out FANTASTIC! So adorable. I love the length and the lightness of the dress. It is a very light coral colored cotton with white polka dots and inside the polka dots are orange polka dots. My only complaint is that that neckline is a little low. I feel more comfortable with a plain white tee under it just to make sure there isn't too much skin showing. I am sure I will be making it again. She has worn it every day since I made it (she is in a stage where she tries on several dresses throughout the day.)



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Sew Can Do said...

Really cute & perfect for summer. I'm also a little biased since my daughter's middle name is Emmeline;) Thanks for linking to the Craftastic Monday party at Sew Can Do.