Friday, January 11, 2013

Pinterest 2013-Jan #1

Did I tell you all about my new toy I got for Christmas? An I-Pad and let me tell you it is wonderful, especially when I am nursing and have nothing to do. However it has increased my Pinterest time, it is so nice to just have the I-Pad out and check out the latest pins. I have been searching
Pinterest for picture display ideas lately but I will save those for later since I am planning to make a few of my favorite finds. For now you can see my other favorites this week:

bookself to doll house, I wish I was more creative in wood crafts
 polka dot cake
 poppy and grey, loving these colors right now
 25 small quilting tutorials, this is more my quilting speed and time limits
 project run and play has started again, check out this remix by lbg
Happy pinning everyone!

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