Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fabric Find Tuesday #11

It is October which means the count down to Christmas has started in our house. I like to make a few Christmas presents for my kids every year and this year I am thinking about making them pillow mats and of course some jammies. I like to plan ahead and get those presents made early so I am on the hunt for the perfect fabric for these gifts. While searching I came across Alexander Henry's Once Upon a Time line on fabricworm.com. I love this fabric for my little Lizzy. It is pink and princesses, two of her favorites. I think it would be perfect for either of the above gifts.

This line totally reminds me of my daughter's favorite book: The Very Fairy Princess by Julie Andrews, Emma Walton Hamilton, and Christine Davenier. It is an adorable book.

She will love dreaming snuggly in her princess themed gifts this Christmas.

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