Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gauze Swaddle Blankets

I have a confession. I originally wanted to host a baby series on the blog for selfish reasons. I knew that if I set a date for baby related posts I would get done all the baby projects on my to do list.

One of the projects on my list was to make some gauze blankets. These are all the rage now, for swaddling and the light weight is perfect for little ones. I checked out the blankets in the store and most charge around $35 for 4 blankets. RIDICULOUS to me. These blankets are so easy to make I honestly don't know why anyone would buy them. So I ordered some cotton gauze from for just $3.98/yard. (you can also find this at most fabric stores but has amazing colors and is really cheap). Each blanket takes around 1 1/4 yards fabric.

I cut each piece to be 49"x49". This can be tricky because the gauze is stretchy so make sure you are lining it up correctly and going with the grain. Then iron 1/2 inch all around the edges. Next fold over another 1/2 inch and iron flat.
If you want to take the time to get really nice corners here is a trick:  Make a triangle at the points of each corner. Then fold over to get a nice angle seam.

 Sew down all around the edges and you are done. SO EASY!
 A set of 5 blankets for just $30. Still cheaper than the store and more blankets then the package at the store. What a deal! I can't wait to swaddle my little buddy in these comfy wraps.

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