Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun Find Friday-Pinterest Week #7

I haven't been on Pinterest all week. That is right I am cutting down on my exploration to take more time for my family. After 5 days of no pinning I went on this morning and realized why I stayed away from for so long. I just wanted to catch a peak and ended up looking for over an hour. ADDICTION! Anyways, I might as well share some of my great finds this week with all of you so that you can feed your addictions too.

put crayons in your glue gun
 Okay in theory this sounds cool but I am sure it will ruin your glue gun and I'm not sure it is worth the mess. Maybe if someone tries it they can let me know what they think??

Felt Owls
 Simple and would be great for a baby room or Halloween decorations.

Pie Crusts from Martha Stewart
 I love making pies and unlike some people I think presentation is one of the best parts about  making a homemade pie.

Transfer images to canvas and other sources
 This technique is very different from what I have seen. I'll have to try it out.

Military Inspired Coat
 I love this coat. It is the perfect combination of grown up style but the orange makes it kid friendly.

Cake Batter Fudge
I'm not sure if it is my pregnancy cravings or what but this looks delicious!

Happy Pinning Everyone!

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Magda said...

I had the same thought as soon as I saw the crayons...