Saturday, July 28, 2012

Project Runway Season 10-Week 1 & 2

Anybody else out there Project Runway fans? I have to admit I am a newbe to Project Runway. I never took the time to watch it before because I'm not a huge fan of all the drama. However after a summer of reruns I have discovered aside from the drama I love the show for the design aspects and ingenuity. I am amazed by what the designers can do with fabric and especially designing for women's bodies which lets face it is not easy dealing with all those curves. I am now a weekly follower thanks to DVR and am so excited about this season so far.

Here are my favorites:

Week 1 Christopher
 This was so beautiful. I love the color and the chevron idea with all the layered fabric. I think it was amazing to give the designers the opportunity to design something on their own with no time limit.

Week 2 Dmitry
I love the flow of this dress. The candy looks like beads and it has movement which was lacking in the other designs. I have to admit I was sad the judges didn't like it as much as I did.

I also really love Ven's designs however I feel that both his designs were similar for the first two weeks. The silhouette is very similar and the style with flower petal idea.Anybody think the same? It will be interesting to see if he can get away from the flower layers and move to something edgier.

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