Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brie Brie Blooms Product Feature: Car Seat Cooler Pads

You might already know that Jessica and I both have recently launched our own blogs.  You can find Jessica at Sew While They Grow and I'm over at Brie Brie Blooms.  We also have shops and are enjoying sharing our creations with you.  Each month we will both be featuring a product that can be found in our shops.

Today I'm very excited to share a product that is getting so much use with the high temperatures we've seen this summer.  Living in Arizona it is impossible to go out and return to your car with out a hot car seat.  You definitely don't want to put your baby or toddler into a seat with hot buckles.  Once the car is started and your air conditioning is finally blowing cold air, it still takes awhile for the car seat to cool off.  Using a car seat cooler pad will definitely make it easier to go out with your little ones!   

No more hot buckles and burnt bottoms! The car seat cooler pad keeps your car seat cool in your parked car. Each cooler pad comes with six 5" x 7" ice packs. Velcro pockets make removing ice packs quick and easy. Fabric is stain resistant and machine washable. Cooler pad is 42" long and will completely cover a standard car seat. Pad can also be used in the winter with microwavable heat packs! Works great on booster seats and in carriers too!


1) Keep cooler pad stashed in your freezer.
2) Carry it in an insulated lunch bag when you go out.
3) Put it on your car seat when you leave the car parked.
4) Return to a nice cool seat.
5) Remove cooler pad from car seat and strap in your happy child!


Customer testimonials:

"Living in Arizona makes for very hot summers! It gives me peace of mind knowing that when I'm using the car seat cooler pad, I don't have to worry about my daughter climbing in a burning hot car seat with burning hot buckles. Even in the 100+ degree temps, the ice packs stay cool for hours, and as they melt, the water-resistant fabric doesn't get wet or leak. When we're not using it, it's compact enough that I just roll it up and throw it in the freezer and it doesn't take up much room. I highly recommend this product! An absolute must have here in Arizona!"

"The car seat cooler is an absolute necessity for the Arizona summer! I leave it in my daughter's car seat while I am shopping and running errands and it keeps it cool for hours! I don't have to worry about a hot seat or burns ever again!"

Six ice packs fit into pockets on front of cooler pad.
Velcro pockets make removing ice packs easy.
Pad rolls up neatly to easily fit in your freezer when not in use.
Cooler pad fully extends to cover toddler car seats, booster chairs, strollers, or infant seats.

The very sweet and adorable Kristen from Krazy for Kloth, Kids, and Keeping it Real used one of the pads and had some great things to say about her experience.  You can read her review HERE

You can purchase a car seat cooler pad from my Etsy shop.

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