Thursday, June 14, 2012

Darth Vader Costume T-shirt

My son loves costumes and dressing up. He has a big imagination and becomes a new character every day, sometimes a few different ones throughout the day. Lately he has really been excited about Star Wars (it was on TV so we tried it out, instantly hooked). He saved up his money doing chores around the house to buy a Darth Vader costume. Unfortunately Target did not have the whole costume just the light saber and mask. So I suggested I make him one. At only 4 years old, he is still easily please and was so excited for mom to make him a Darth Vader costume.

 I used a plain black t-shirt (it is really hot right now so we went with the short sleeves) and added some felt. I pretty much just cut out the pieces and hand sewed them onto the shirt. I created the button panel and the belt on the shirt. Then we used a pair of black pants for the bottoms. He was so happy with the final product he wore it for 3 days and nights straight (I had to pry it off of him and immediately throw it in the wash).

He walked around the house for a week sneaking up on me in his new outfit and mask, scaring me and then whipping off the mask saying, "Ah mom, it's just me Jackson." What a funny kid!

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