Saturday, May 12, 2012

Conference Tips: "Just Be You"

I can't believe it has been almost an entire month since I went to the SNAP conference.  Are you wondering why I haven't summarized the awesome time I had there?  I know, it should have been done already!  This is not that post, but it definitely is relevant to the biggest lesson I took home from the conference.

First I want to thank my roommate, Rebecca from Freckles Crafts, for reaching out to me last year and asking if I wanted to room together.  Best decision ever!  Aside from dorm days in college and a few times I was living in apartments, I have limited experience with roommates.  Regardless I'm sure we can all agree, even for a short amount of time, having a compatible roommate is ideal when you are away from home.  Rebecca and I were perfect together!
Rebecca and I at the Queen Bee Market
I attended my very first blogging/creative conference last year, Creative Estates.  I walked away feeling like I had learned so much and met many new friends.  Although I did have some insecurities being there because we had just started this site and I went alone (the conference was only a few miles from my home).  I'm not really sure what I wanted to accomplish by attending that conference and therefore I walked away feeling a little dissatisfied.  How can I feel accomplished if I never determined what it was I was trying to do?  This year, attending SNAP, I had specific goals.  The first goal was to just be myself.  I wasn't going to try and impress anyone by being something I'm not.  Coincidentally the conference theme was "just be you".  We all received beautiful necklaces from Amy Cornwell that reminded us of my number one goal.
photo credit: Amy Cornwell
I had an incredible experience at the conference simply because I decided to be myself.  I was comfortable and had fun!

If you're attending a conference in the future I suggest you do two things: 1) spend some time getting to know your roommate before the trip, and 2) "just be you"!  By doing just two simple things, I had the BEST time!


Claudia said...

Love seeing you two together! Happy Mother's Day.

thepixelboutique said...

I've heard so many great things about SNAP and would love to go next year!

Just stopping by to say "Hi", from the AZ bloggers group on Facebook...Im in Tucson!