Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easy Belt Transormation

Last week I started looking at clothes to wear at the SNAP conference.  I found a few things I liked but was having difficulty finding a belt for a pretty spring dress.  I had a vision in mind but couldn't find anything while sticking to my budget.  I was so excited when I went to Ross and found a perfect belt for $3.99.  Unfortunately it was the wrong color.  Completely!  It was cheetah print.  I was looking for something bright and springy.  I picked it up and decided I would try and paint over the cheetah.  Best decision ever!

The dress I wanted to wear with the belt had so many pretty colors - turquoise, pink, yellow, blue, and coral.  I had a tough time deciding on a paint color!
I mixed red and yellow fabric paint to make a bright shade of coral.
I used painters tape to mask off the areas I didn't want the coral paint to touch.
I was careful to apply thin coats of the paint because I didn't want to see brush marks on the belt.
Two coats of paint later and I had a new belt!
The paint dried for a couple of hours and then I slowly peeled off the painters tape.
I used a small brush to touch up the edges and then tried out the new belt on my dress.  Perfect for SNAP next week!
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Tina said...

What a fantastic Idea! It turned out great! Love the dress, too!

Christine@ Projects Around the House said...

What a great idea! It looks awesome and it's a perfect match.

Christine @