Saturday, April 28, 2012

Business Card Organization

One of the best parts of attending a conference is getting the opportunity to network and make new friends.  I was able to speak to so many business owners and bloggers at the SNAP conference last week.  I walked away with hundreds of business cards; some from friends I already had met online and some from new friends.
Before the conference I knew I would need a way to keep all the business cards organized as they were handed to me.  I also needed a place to hold my own cards to hand out to all my new friends.  I explored the option of a few different business card holders but nothing seemed like it would allow me to carry hundreds of my own cards and still have room to place the cards I was receiving from others.  I came up with my own version of a card holder.
I used a small make-up bag I had received as a free sales promotion from Target last year.  I printed our logo onto cardstock and then pinned a piece of vinyl over the paper.  I used my sewing machine to zig zag stitch right over the vinyl.
For organizational purposes, I cut a piece of pretty foiled paper to fit inside the bag.  I rounded the top corners because it was difficult to unzip the bag with the sharp corners.
I put my business cards on one side of the divider and used the other side to store all the cards I received while networking.  This worked so much better than having to shuffle through a bag to find my cards (that's what I did last year at Creative Estates).
I love my little card holder but was also amazed by the simple {and brilliant} card organizing system provided in our swag bags.  Xyron gave all the SNAP attendees a hole punch and ring to hold our cards.
I used my own bag to collect cards during the conference but transferred them all over to the ring when I came home.
I can easily look at these cards and remember I met each of these people at SNAP.  
 How do you organize your business cards?


Stringy Sisters said...

How wonderful. I love it! I always end up with so many business cards at the various craft shows we attend. I might have to make one of these.

Katie said...

Hey! I saw my business card in the mix on the first pic! It was very nice meeting you! I love your make up bag conversion. That is brilliant!