Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby on the Brain-Nursery

I am 15 weeks pregnant now and have been really interested in all the baby stuff, especially the nursery. I am going to have to give up my beloved craft room but it is a small price to pay for a bundle of joy. Here are a few of my favorite ideas so far:

Project Nursery

These colors are so serine. And I love that rocking chair.

This is such a creative idea for a boy's room. I love the colors and the variety.

I love the dimensions of the flowers. It is simple but beautiful and the texture is divine.

Displaying vintage dresses on the wall, what a great way to show off all the dresses I have made and collected.

Modern and chic, with a great color combo. And those stripes on the wall are a great focal point behind the crib.

This room is so luxurious. I would sleep in here myself. I love the color combo and that ceiling is to die for.

I love the space saving opportunities here. Placing the crib in an open closet can make a small room seem bigger. I could do some draping
around the frame to make it a little special hideout for the little bug.
What a fun theme! I think all my kids would want to stay in a Peter Pan decorated room.

These rooms are all amazing, I would be lucky to have a nursery as beautiful as these. But some of the themes and ideas are fantastic and I could really use them to create something special for my little one. Not knowing it the baby is a boy or a girl yet puts the planning on hold, but I can always look and dream right?

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Carla said...

If I didn't already say it congrats on you little blessing. Loved some of those rooms. I wasn't that creative when my baby was born many years ago. Poor baby she had white walls and 1 Panda bear wall hanging. Didn't have the internet to provide me with all these inspirations 25 years ago. Darn it.