Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Highlights of My Week

I've had a rough week.  A really rough week.  I won't go into the details because this could easily turn into an a very negative little post.  Instead I'll just share the things that made me happy.

My body goes on auto pilot and drives directly to Starbucks after several nights with out sleep.  What made this cup better than the average caramel macchiato?  I picked it up with my free birthday drink coupon.  Woo hoo.

I was looking for some obnoxious shoes to wear out for my birthday this weekend and I didn't have too much time to shop.  An incredible extra 40% off clearance items sale sign at Dillard's caught my attention.  I found a great price...
on some really fun shoes!
Lets just hope I don't break an ankle wearing them.

The best part of my week came when I opened an early gift from my parents.
A serger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Notice a theme in this post?  My birthday is coming next week. But I'll be 30 and aside from all the celebrating I'm not too sure how I feel about the number yet.

I hope you have a list of things that made you happy this week too.


Katie {Sweet Rose Studio} said...

A. I hope this next week goes much better for you.
B. Those shoes are Awesome!
C. I will be turning the big 3-0 this June and I'm not really excited about it either. Ick.

Cathryn Butters said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm soooo jealous you got a serger!

Tina said...

Heather, awesome shoes!! I love shoes! Awesome that you got a serger!! Kudos to your parents for the great gift! Can't wait to see what you make with it.