Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Burlap Wreath - Pink for Valentines

I finally changed the theme of the wreath on my front door.  You can't see the door from the street and I rarely use it as an entrance to our house.  Not seeing the door very often, I wasn't really bothered by the red and green Christmas ornaments hanging from my burlap wreath with interchangeable velcro embellishments.

For me there is always an awkward couple of weeks between the time you are supposed to take down the Christmas decorations and the appropriate time to put up Valentines decor.  I'm glad I didn't do anything to my wreath in that between period because I want this pink to be out for as long as possible.  Isn't it cute?
Instead of making new velcro embellishments for Valentines I just tied pink tulle directly on the wreath.
I also changed the ribbon holding our family initial. 

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