Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Ride dimensional art - kids craft

Today is my dad's birthday.  We didn't get to see him but my three year old daughter woke up excited to make him a birthday gift.  She told me she wanted to paint him a picture.  When I asked what she wanted to paint, I was surprised by her response.  She said she wanted a picture of "me and Papa riding in a hot air balloon."  She was excited with the finished project and couldn't wait to email a picture of my dad's gift to him this evening.
We started with a piece of wood and glitter paint.  I used a pencil to outline grass and a tree. 
I used the glitter paint to remind my daughter of the colors she should be using.
She stayed in the lines and only added a few of her own colors.  This was her gift so I let her do what she wanted.

The glitter paint dried and then I used puffy paint to outline the tree and grass. 
My daughter picked flowers and leaves from her stickers to add to the painting.
I found a perfect hot air balloon image online and printed it on cardstock.  Then my daughter glued it onto her painting.
I printed a couple of pictures and cut out my dad and my daughter.  They look like they are having fun in their hot air balloon!
This project was perfect for my crafty three year old!  Sometimes her imagination creates the impossible but sometimes we are able to use her silly little ideas and turn them into something real.

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