Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fleece Cowl Neck Dress

There is nothing better than fleece in January, in my opinion. When it is cold and dreary it just makes me so happy to be wrapped up in warmth especially if it is fashionable. I am not talking a basic fleece sweatshirt, I want something trendy and fun. So I decided to make a mock neck fleece dress for Elizabeth to enjoy these last few winter months. It was INCREDIBLY easy. Fleece is so easy to work with, I whipped it up in about 90min.

Here is what you need: (2T size)

-1/2 yard of fleece, I used micro fleece because I really like the light, soft feeling
-matching thread

The Pattern:

1. Begin with the front and back pieces. Using a fitted T-shirt to create an a-line shape for the back on the fold. Then add 2.5 inches to the center and create another a-line shape and cut on the fold (you added the inches to create the tucks). Using the sleeves from the t-shirt I created long sleeves but I added about 1 inch to the top to create pleats at the shoulder.
Finally cut a rectangle for the collar measuring 8"x12".

Putting it together:
1. Begin with your front piece, we are going to create the tucks. With the right side facing out fold the bodice in half. Measure down 8 inches and make a mark or place a pin. Then you will sew a straight line using a 1/4 inch, back stitching at the mark. Open up the bodice and press.
Now you will measure over from the center on each side. Fold the bodice on that line, mark down 8 inches and repeat using the same process as the first tuck. Repeat with other side, open the bodice up and press.Repeat the last steps to create the final two tucks.
Finally use a baste stitch at the top to hold the pleats in place.

2. Now with right sides together pin the front and back pieces at the shoulders and sew the shoulders together.
3. Now opening up your dress attach your sleeves. I started at the center of the sleeve and the shoulder seem then I pinned the bottom edge of the sleeve to the armpit. Then I started from the center and created pleats until it fit the arm hole. I then repeated the same pleats on the other side.
Sew the sleeves into the shoulders. Then sew up the side seams all the way through the arms.

4. Now you are going to add the collar. First with right sides together sew the ends together to make a tube. Now pin the wrong side of the collar to the right side of the dress. (This is important because you are going to fold the collar over). Sew the collar to the dress neckline.

5. Finish off all your hems. I used a double stitch on the hem of mine but if I did it again I think I would just hand stitch all my raw edges (collar top, sleeves, and bottom hem). The fleece is so soft that with the double hem the edges tend to flip over and I hate that.
Urban, Cozy, and fashionable. The perfect winter dress for my little princess. Every time she wears it she wraps her arms around herself and says she is "so comforble".

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Unknown said...

Oh I love this.. she looks so warm and cozy in this dress. Soo cute! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next!