Monday, November 28, 2011

Reindeer Shirts

I don't know what it is like at your house but in our house we go from Thanksgiving to Christmas in a day. Traditionally we set up our Christmas tree and decorations the day after Thanksgiving...getting in a little cleaning as well. Like winter cleaning to create a winter wonderland. And with this in mind I realized that I don't have too many Christmas decorations. Therefore I will be creating a lot of fun holiday crafts to help bring peace and joy into my home. My first project, reindeer shirts for the kids. I make them every year each year a little different.

This year I went for classic designs without all the frills. Just a simple reindeer head out of brown corduroy and antlers from some fun festive fabric I had on hand. To decipher between the girl and boy version I added a bow to the antler for the girl and a bow tie for the boy. They are simple and easy. All you need is fabric and wonder-under. No sewing machine necessary unless you want to stitch around the reindeer head. Cut a pattern for your pieces, cut your pieces out of the fabric and wonder-under, iron them on the shirt, and add your bows.

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