Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Block Decor

I love these 2x4 holiday block ideas. So simple and cheap but can really show off your creativity. I made some for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year...the best part is the letters are on both sides of the blocks saving space and easy to flip when the holiday changes.

Here is what you need:
-2x4s cut about 6 inches long (they will cut them for you at Home Depot)
-craft paint
-scrap book paper cut to the size of your blocks
-mod podge
-vinyl letters
-sand paper or a hand sander
-embellishments like gems or ribbons

Sand down all your blocks on all the sides. Paint the blocks on all the sides except the faces of the blocks. Paint some mod podge on the face of the blocks and paste your paper on the blocks. Then go over it with mod podge. Let dry and sand down your edges for a rustic look. Add your vinyl letters and embellishments. Cute, festive, and affordable.

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