Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summertime Waffles

If your kids are like mine they love waffles, pancakes, pretty much any breakfast food! One of my friends had this great idea to make waffles look like watermelons for summertime. So I took her idea and went with it. INSTANT FAVORITE! They loved the waffles and ate them all. I also made them with whole wheat flour and sweet potatoes I love a little extra nutrition in each bit.

My whole wheat sweet potato waffles recipe is found HERE. Best recipe ever. You also need mini chocolate chips.

So here is how you make them into watermelon waffles.

Make your batter according to the directions and separate the batter into two bowls (with a little more in one of the bowls). Then you add the food coloring to each bowl. One bowl with red food coloring and the other with green. I put the red in the bowl with more batter.

Next you make a circle using the green batter with a hole in the middle. Then pour the red batter in the hole and sprinkle with mini chocolate chips. Cook like you normally would.

When you are done you have a watermelon waffle that the kids will love.

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