Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fabric Organization

Finally after all our traveling we are ready to settle down and move into our new home. Yeah, we've moved again. Are you as exhausted as I am trying to keep track of how many times?

The great thing about this new house is I have my very own craft room. FINALLY! No more sewing on the kitchen table. No more pins every where you walk. I have all my supplies right at my fingertips and not hidden away in some closet forgotten about.

It was with this idea "forgotten items" that I decided it was time to do a little inventory of my fabric collection. My fabric has been stored in several areas including the bags I originally bought it in, plastic clothing bags where I inherited some from my family members, a few large plastic bins, and finally a pile or two of recently purchased items. The good thing about moving is everything was put in the same place and not spread out all over the house.

After doing a little research I decided to display my cottons in my hutch and store the other stuff underneath (since I have a lot of cotton). I used some foam boards and cut them into 7.5x10 inch rectangles.
Then I folded the fabric around the rectangle making my own bolts. I love this idea. All my fabric on display for some color in the room and convenient sewing. Plus the boards are so cheap it is an easy way to display your fabric. What did I learn from this project...I have A LOT of fabric. My obsession. Yet I keep buying more. I guess I just need to get sewing.

Here are a few of my favorites in my collection right now:

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