Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun Find Friday-Father's Day 2x4

Need a last minute idea for a Father's Day gift? I found this adorable block project that is perfect for Father's Day. It is really very simple and cheap. I made one myself but I changed it a little bit. The best part is it cost me a whole $3. HERE is the tutorial.

I went to Home Depot to buy the wood and the guy asked me what I was making. I told him a Father's Day gift. Then to my surprise he gave me the two pieces of wood for FREE. All I bought was the clips that I found at Staples.

I tried to drill the holes for the ribbon but my drill was not cooperating so I skipped that part and just glued them on. My husband isn't much of a ribbon guy anyway and I made it for his office at work so I wasn't too upset about the drill. I need to work on my staining technique as well (obviously I need more practice). I spray painted the clips and used my cricut to cut out the I Love My Dad.

My only complaint is that the 2x4 isn't very big. The original's pictures make it look great but in truth the pictures are very small and the clips are REALLY small. I bought the smallest ones I could find and they were still a little big for the wood. Other than that, it is a great project. You all know how much I love blocks.

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