Friday, May 13, 2011

The Ocean Wall

I was very excited to move into our new home last year because I had so many fun project ideas.  I only had a few things I really wanted to accomplish before we actually moved in - paint both my daughter's new bedroom and playroom.  I knew it would be a disaster to try and paint with her already sleeping in the room.  At the time she really liked Nemo so there was no difficulty in choosing a theme for her decor.  She is now obsessed with Disney Princesses so her room is slowly evolving to an underwater princess disaster.  Of course I wished it all would match but I've let go of trying to keep it all one theme.

Before moving in I used painters tape to draw a water line on two walls.  I used two sets of decals to decorate the water (an ocean themed set from Target and a Nemo set from Lowe's).  I used my Cricut and blue vinyl to make a Bruce quote for the wall.  My daughter's purple hamper got an upgrade with two little fish buttons.  She has a purple dresser with Nemo drawer pulls and a lamp with a redecorated Nemo shade but they aren't in her room because she climbs on everything and can't be trusted with any furniture. 

Step inside for a tour -

The wall opposite the water wall doesn't have too much more than my daughter's name.  For this project, I painted nine 8" x 10" canvases then used Mod Podge to add paper letters.  I used leftover bubbles from the ocean decals to make the art coordinate with the other walls.  I love how this turned out! 
This wall also houses a clock and the moon.  Yes, the moon.  Since our Florida trip with premium Super Moon views, my daughter has talked about the moon everyday.  I found a moon lamp at Walgreens (of all places) around Easter time.  It was the perfect gift for my daughter's basket!  It looks so neat lit up in the dark room! 
The room has looked pretty much the same since we moved in (except for the princess bedding and the moon light).

Let me branch off and tell you a little story.  While in college I purchased a giant  Hawaiian sunset wall mural from Urban Outfitters.  I thought it would be awesome in my living room.  Remember I was only 20 years old at the time!  Thankfully I never got around to ruining any apartment wall with the mural.  For years I've thought about selling the mural in yard sales or giving it away.  I just couldn't bring myself to actually parting with it.  I came across it last week and decided it would be fun in my daughter's Nemo room.
One quick trip to Lowe's for wall paper paste and about an hour later my daughter has a beautiful ocean wall to help her get to sleep at night.  Unfortunately last night, while protesting bedtime, she was screaming, "get that beautiful sunset off my wall!"  Silly me, I thought a two year old would appreciate the years I've been toting that thing around to finally pull it out of the box for her room!

Regardless, I like it and am super happy it was never the main focus of my living room! 

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