Saturday, May 28, 2011

Accessorize your Flip Flops

What is the easiest way to dress up a flip flop? Add a simple shoe accessory. These clips are great on any shoes but I love the way they make a regular flip flop fun.


Take a piece of fabric and cut two rectangular pieces equal in size. Then cut two smaller strips, these will be the center of the bows. Fold the rectangles in half wrong sides together and sew down one end and one side. Repeat with the other rectangle and the strips. Then flip all of the pieces right side out. Sew up the open side of the rectangles by hand so you have 2 rectangles with no openings. Next you will take your strips and fold them around the middle of each rectangle until you like the center of the bow. Sew the strip together with the closed end over the top of the open end. Finally glue an alligator clip through the center of the bow in order to clip it onto your shoes.


Cut two circles out of felt the size you want your flowers. Use this as your guide to cut out your circles for your flower. Cut about 10 to 12 circles for each flower. Take one circle and fold it into a pie piece. Sew the tip of the pie piece to the center of the felt circle.
Continue to sew all the tips to the felt circle in a circular motion. This is a layering process. Continue to sew them until you have enough to cover the entire felt piece and your flower is full. Sew alligator clips to the back of the felt and place on your flip flop.

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