Monday, April 11, 2011


A Couple of Craft Addicts is proud to announce BLOCK WEEK April 25th - 29th. All the crafts during that week will be about our theme BLOCKS. Now it is not all going to be wooden block crafts, we have a lot of ideas of how to incorporate blocks into your life. Here is a preview of what is to come.

Spring Blocks. I ordered these from Thoughts in Vinyl, a great blog that provides all the supplies ready for you to create your own block sets. They have a plethora of choices for projects at great prices. Check out their blog here and get on their email list to receive special deals and discounts on all their products.

These blocks are so easy to make. If you don't want to order the supplies you can make them yourself. All you need is 4x4 inch blocks, scrapbook paper, black paint, and vinyl letters. First sand the blocks to get rid of all the rough edges. Then paint the sides of the blocks with black paint (or any other color you may want), cut the scrapbook paper to 3 1/4 inch squares rounding the edges. Then use mod poge to paste the scrapbook paper onto your blocks. Once everything has dried stick your vinyl on the blocks.


Karen said...

These blocks are so cute! Love the paper you used! Creative Estates sounds like so much fun. Someday maybe I'll go!! Love your blog:)

Janae -- Thoughts in Vinyl said...

Thanks for the post! Your blog is so much fun :)

Tina said...

ooh, can't wait!