Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Heather's What I Wore Wednedsay

This post doubles up for my Wowzer Wednesday because I'm not really sure if this was a good idea!

I have been following The Pleated Poppy for awhile. Lindsey is extremely creative and it's always fun to read her posts! Every Wednesday she posts "What I Wore Wednesday" and then allows others to link up. She takes a picture of herself every morning and then tells you the source of all her clothing items and accessories. I have never participated but I have had fun getting to know Lindsey and looking at some of the regulars that link up their posts. I have been contemplating doing this because I really want to dig into my closet and stop wearing the same boring clothes. For the most part I wear jeans and tees everyday. I have made a lot of excuses for not starting to photograph myself every morning. Lets be real here - my most valid points as to why I should not be doing this:
1) I spilt water on my camera and my iPhone was the only way I could take pictures (UNTIL THIS AFTERNOON WHEN OUR DOORBELL RANG AND THE UPS MAN HANDED ME A BOX WITH A NEW CAMERA!!).
2) I am not comfortable with the clothes hanging in my closet and it's possible I would spend $$ trying to find cute outfits simply for THIS post.
3) After reviewing my pictures from the last week I decided this was definitely not happening. I look uncomfortable and ridiculous.
And now here's why I should participate:
Yes I know, it's blank. I really want to have fun getting dressed in the morning and since I'm a stay at home mom, this is a great way to make sure I still attempt to look cute on days I don't leave the house.

Alright's my week:
Please remember this is my first week and I plan on watching America's Next Top Model reruns to get some posing tips before I take any pictures next week!

Thursday - picked up my in laws from the airport.
Top - Gap
Jeans - Charlotte Russe (purchased 5+ years ago)
Shoes - Target (clearance 2 summers ago, in need of a makeover like this)
Headband - Vintage Rose Wraps
Necklace - The Vintage Pearl (received in welcome box at Creative Estates)
LOVE this necklace!!

Friday am - Toys R' Us with my daughter and step MIL.
Top - Old Navy
Jeans - Kohl's
Shoes - flips flops purchased almost 10 years ago at Universal Studios because it was raining and my shoes were slippery
Necklace - Old Navy

Friday pm - date night at The Melting Pot with my husband.
Top - Kohl's
Jeans - Kohl's
Shoes - DSW

Saturday - Boutique Shopping and family BBQ.
Top - Wal-Mart (not a maternity top but purchased while I was pregnant...still looks cute with a belt or in this case, a vest)
Vest - Express
Khakis - Ann Taylor Loft (purchased when I actually went in to an office everyday)
Shoes - Target (same worn in Thursday picture)
Headband - Vintage Rose Wraps
Necklace - The Vintage Pearl (same worn in Thursday picture)

Sunday - my daughter's friend's birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza
Top - 2 Calvin Klein layered tanks
Jeans - Kohl's (same worn in Friday pm picture)
Shoes - Target (same worn in Thursday and Saturday pictures)
Headband - Vintage Rose Wraps
Necklace - Origami Owl
I purchased this necklace the day before at a local boutique. The locket opens so it is really versatile. I'm really excited about all the fun ways I can change up this necklace!

Monday - Appointments and errands.
Top - Ross (purchased ages ago)
Jeans - Kohl's
Shoes - Target
Necklace - my very crafty MIL

Tuesday - babysitting my daughter's BFF all day.
Top - Old Navy over Calvin Klein layer tank
Jeans - local boutique

Wednesday - babysitting my daughter's BFF all day.
Embarrassing but I need you to know I didn't cheat with any of my pictures...everyone has an off day right?
Top - Wal-Mart (worn to my daughter's Cookie Monster themed birthday party last year)
Shorts - Costco (these will only ever be worn on days I am not leaving the house!)

Posting all these pictures of myself was scary. But now that I've spent the time to take all the pictures and get them up here I have to publish this post! Next week you will be seeing better pictures because our new camera was delivered today. I also plan on taking my pictures somewhere other than in my bathroom with the closet mirror leaning on the sink! With that thought, my dad called me today because my mom sent him to a sale at a hotel that was closing in their small town. He bought me three really big and heavy full length mirrors to frame for our bedroom. I am so excited about the project!! WIWW is a perfect reason to get those mirrors up ASAP!

I think Jessica needs to participate next week because she always looks so cute (and she moved away so I don't get to see her everyday anymore)! what do you think?

I'm linking up here.


tracey said...

I was new to WIWW today too! My fav is your Tuesday outfit - love it!

Jessica Stoker said...

You have casual cool down I love it all

ladybug0147 said...

Love the Sat outfit. Also, your hair and glasses make any outfit look different. So play with the hair too! Goo job!

The Hawkins Family said...

Love Saturday's outfit and how you layered the top with the vest, very cute! You have style! And I love your Nautical navy strip outfit. Thanks for being honest with us and posting a normal stay at home mommy outfit too, I sure have mine. :)

Meg said...

I think you have cute style!!