Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wowzer Wednesday - introducing my toddler's new BFF, Mr. Bag

As I mentioned last week, we had unexpected travel come up....we came home late last night. Flying from Arizona to Florida with a potty training two year old made me nervous. Getting there was easy. She was great! Coming home was a different story. The potty training part was perfect but she wouldn't sit still and didn't nap the entire flight. My husband handed me the puke bag from the seat as my daughter was screaming with only an hour left in the flight. We were desperate for entertainment at that point. The bag quickly turned into "Mr. Bag" and entertained my daughter the last hour. She went from screaming, "tell the pilot I need to go home," to laughing hysterically. She carried her bag through the airport and told everyone she was carrying him because he wasn't wearing shoes. She took him home with us and decided he needed to a blanket to sleep in her room last night. Why didn't Mr. Bag make an earlier appearance on that flight??