Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WOWZER WEDNESDAY - handmade cards

I very rarely purchase a card in the store. Occasionally if I'm out and realize I completely forgot someones birthday and need to rush to the post office that very second, I'll stop somewhere and pick up a quick card. But even then, I usually pick the cards that look crafty (not just some commercial looking card with a lame joke). Today I'll share some of my quick card tips and tricks for our Wowzer Wednesday post.

You can practically use anything to make a card: embellishments, ribbon, stickers, stamps, felt, paint, thread, fabric, etc. Most of the cards I make are done at the end of my gift projects. I am extremely organized and typically plan every element of things I can control but when it comes to making gifts, I unfortunately always push it to the very last minute. I'm usually up well after midnight finishing something that needs to be gifted the next morning. As a result, most of my cards are done as quickly as possible. I said most; some of them come with extra special planning and time put into making them. I browsed through my card folder on my desktop to show you a selection of quick and easy cards I've made.

I rarely throw away scraps of pretty paper. I have a big selection of paper ranging in sizes (some as small as 1" x 1" squares). Sometimes I just use a little scrap paper with stamps to make a cute card.

Cute stickers eliminate the need for digging through my stash of scrap paper.

Alphabet stickers are an easy way to add a message.

You can further embellish your cards with ribbon.

I use my Cricut a lot to cut out pieces for cards.

Sometimes I handstitch cards but other times I use my sewing machine to sew paper directly to the card.

Felt and lace are pretty on cards.

My daughter loves making cards too. We had so much fun making these Grandparents Day cards! This great idea came from The Splendidly Imperfect Miss M.

Sometimes I use Scrapblog to edit photos and make cute 4" x 6" cards that I print at Wal-mart and then embellish.

If I'm using a picture that I want the recipient to be able to remove from the card and keep, I always use photo corners to attach the picture.

Sometimes I use a quick trick to add a message. Would you ever know this "Happy Valentines Day" was printed on a clear label and stuck in the card?

It's an easy way to make a lot of cards at one time.

Making handmade cards isn't supposed to be expensive. All you really need is some cardstock, an envelope (you could try making your own), and your creativity. If you're trying to save time like me and purchase envelopes instead of buying them, be aware of your options. Most card envelopes from crafting stores are expensive! A package of 20 envelopes (shown below) could easily cost you over $5.

I just buy invitation envelopes (the ones shown were purchased at Target)...50 envelopes for less than $3!

Lastly, it's supposed to be fun. If you don't have time or supplies on hand, go buy a card and save yourself some stress. You can always make one next time!


Tina said...
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Tina said...

Love the cards. LOL I just got finised making a card for a soon to be born baby boy. (Robbie's teacher) I, too do stuff at the last minute, and today is the last day we'll see her before her baby is born. It always takes me a lot longer than it should to make a card. Thanks for the great ideas. TinaW P.S. I removed the comment above cuz of some misspelling.

Tina said...

Aah, I still mispelled stuff, oh well. Have a great day!

Karen said...

The cards look great! I love the handprint grandma and grandpa one. So adorable! Love your blog and I am a new follower!