Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Upcycled - onesie and shirt to toddler dress and adult shrug

I've been cleaning and reorganizing every room in our house and haven't spent too much time in my craft room this week. I feel like all of my recent posts have been similar lately...mostly consisting of upcycled clothing. Unfortunately all I have to share today is more made over clothes!

I started with my daughter's onesie (a gift from a friend that lives in Colorado) and an outdated shirt from my own closet.

I used the top of the onesie and some fabric from the shirt to make a dress. I wanted to cover the Colorado applique so I made a bird out of fabric scraps.

I showed it to my daughter and she told me the bird looked funny because he was wearing a bow but he didn't have any hair. Her exact words were, "that's silly mommy. This bird doesn't have hair. Why is he wearing that bow?" Good point. Luckily she got over the bird's lack of hair and agreed to wear the dress!

I only used fabric from the bottom of the shirt to make the dress. As the shirt was hanging over a chair next to my sewing machine I realized it would make a cute shrug if I just hemmed the bottom. Don't mind the self portrait....I took it a few minutes ago in my bathroom mirror. Today wasn't a great hair day for a big picture of myself on our blog so I cropped my head off.

I turned two clothing items that would have eventually made it to the donation pile into something for my daughter and myself. I've had so much fun cleaning out our closets!


Tina said...

I love what you did with your project! Gabriella's dress turned out so cute! I love the bird. How observant of her to notice that it had no hair, so why did it need a bow? LOL. She's so funny!

Unknown said...

Great website Heather. You are very creative! Glad to see your doing great!
Vicky Raney-Sweeney..