Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pinkerella Hair Accessory Holder

My daughter has a Disney Princess themed bathroom. This bathroom also serves as our guest bathroom when people stay over. My daughter loves the princess bathroom but it probably isn't too cute when an adult has to stare at Snow White in the shower.

Instead of reducing the amount of pink sparkly characters in the bathroom, I decided to add more! We had a tulle clip holder that was pretty much falling apart (sorry I didn't take a picture before taking it apart). Yesterday I quickly made a hair accessory holder to organize all of my daughter's clips and headbands. I used modge podge to glue scrapbook paper to a 12" x 12" board. I didn't have any princess paper so I cut Pinkerella out of a book cover. She's not a Disney princess, but my daughter loves her! I used brads to separate sections in the ribbon to hold headbands and I added a felt envelope to hold hair ties.

I hung the holder low in the bathroom because my daughter likes to choose her own clips when I fix her hair in the morning.

I only used supplies I already had and the entire project took half an hour.

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Susie B said...

I love that the headbands can be right there with the other pretties, as they ar called at our home. I have been looking around for headband storage and I think I may have just found what I am looking for. Thanks for posting! I like pinkerella too!